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Career transitions can be challenging and it can help to have an expert guide you through the process. Take a look at our career consulting services, and let one of our coaches be your expert.

Career Consulting Services

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Why Leo & Loy?

    • Our career experts come from a wide range of industries, with extensive recruitment and talent acquisition experience. Our expertise spans all aspects of the job search, from resume creation to job interviewing guidance.
    • We provide dedicated one-on-one coaching, spending time with each client to develop a customized approach to meet their unique needs. 

    • Career transitions can be a very  stressful time, and our career coaches are committed to providing personal, thoughtful and compassionate coaching to guide our clients through the process.            
    • Through our SmartMatch Technology, clients are matched with coaches in their particular field, which helps us provide industry-specific advice.

Our Experts:

Have expertise in all aspects of the job search, from resume creation to guidance on job interviewing.

Provide one-on one coaching that encompasses all aspects of a successful career transition.

Work flexible hours to meet your individual needs.

Have no less than 10 years of recruiting experience across multiple industries.

We have a team of experts with experience in nearly every industry. Check out our client reviews from each of these industries.

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