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We are experienced recruiters and career coaches providing consulting services for individuals transitioning careers as well as organizations experiencing a reduction in force.

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Leo & Loy, LLC is a full-service career consulting and outplacement firm comprised of recruiters and coaches from a wide range of industries across the United States. Our experienced team is focused on providing one-on-one guidance to professionals working through career transitions. 

Our experience in recruitment and talent acquisition gives us insight into what today’s hiring managers are looking for. We work with individual clients who are between positions or changing industries, as well as small to mid-size companies going through a reduction in force.  We apply our expertise to every aspect of the job search, from a resume rewrite to job interview preparation.  What sets us apart is that we connect clients to a real person who takes the time during the initial call to get to know them and identify their specific needs and unique circumstances. 

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Our expansive team of career experts come from a wide range of industries, with extensive experience in recruitment and talent acquisition. Our expertise spans all aspects of the job search, from resume creation to guidance on job interviewing.

Custom Solutions

Our experts provide dedicated one-on-one coaching, spending time with each client to develop a customized approach to meet their unique needs. We work with all levels of clients, from entry level to senior level.


Leo & Loy understands that career transitions can be stressful, and are committed to providing personal, thoughtful and compassionate coaching to guide you through the process.

SmartMatch Technology

Through our SmartMatch Technology, clients are matched with coaches in their particular field, which allows us to provide industry-specific advice.


Transitioning careers can be intimidating, whether moving within the same field or changing industries.  Our recruiters and coaches will work with you to identify your career goals and customize an approach to help you reach them.

For senior management and executive level professionals who are between positions or transitioning to a new role, we offer a comprehensive range of career consulting services with a dedicated senior level career coach.

We help companies by providing customized outplacement services for all levels of employees. Our goal is to help make downsizing and career transitions more manageable for both the employers and the employees.

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