Leo & Loy Announces Grand Opening

Katie Molloy and Keegan Leopold launch outplacement and career consulting firm

SAN DIEGO – Wednesday, June 10, 2020 – Leo & Loy announced their official grand opening during a Zoom event  with key stakeholders earlier this week. The virtual ribbon cutting was the appropriate kick-off for the  outplacement and career consulting firm, whose business model is entirely virtual. Founded by Katie Molloy and  Keegan Leopold, the firm provides personal and compassionate one-on-one coaching and assistance in all aspects  of career transitions. 

Leo & Loy supports small to midsize companies (up to 5,000 employees) that are going through a reduction in  force, guiding individuals through career transitions. Their nationwide team of professional recruiters has  expertise in all aspects of the job search, from resume creation to guidance on job interviewing. The firm’s  mission is to help make downsizing and career transitions more affordable and manageable for the employer,  employee and individuals who are ready for change.  

“I’ve worked in just about every aspect of recruiting and placement over the past two decades,” said Katie  Molloy, Founder and President of Leo & Loy. “What I’ve enjoyed most is helping people get back on their feet  after a layoff and working with them through career transitions. It’s incredibly rewarding to help someone  identify their skills, create a compelling resume and give them the confidence to find the next wave of their  career.” 

Molloy has more than 25 years of professional experience in recruitment, workforce solutions, sales and  operations. Recent positions include five years as Vice President of Client Services at Randstad Sourceright and  four years as Senior Director overseeing Recruitment Outsourcing at AMN Healthcare. 

One of the biggest differentiators for the female-owned start-up is the composition of their workforce. Their  nationwide team is comprised of high-level recruiters/coaches, each of whom has no less than five years of direct  recruiting experience.  

“By employing recruitment professionals, we’re able to provide insight from the perspective of a potential  employer,” said Keegan Leopold, Co-founder and Head of Operations for Leo & Loy. “Recruitment professionals  know how to write effective resumes faster, how to clean up or set up attractive social media profiles and teach  our clients how to use the top job aggregators.” 

Aided by their SmartMatch technology, Leo & Loy individualizes their approach by connecting clients with  recruiters from their particular industry (and in many cases, geographic region). The firm works with  organizations and individuals nationwide, providing consulting services virtually through phone and online  

meetings. Their recruiter/coaches have worked with clients at all levels, from interns to executive, encompassing a wide range of industries. 

Launching amidst a global pandemic, Leo & Loy is sensitive to the increasing number of people being furloughed  or laid off. The firm offers all-encompassing plans from skill review through to the interview stage of the job  search. While their regular rates are among the most affordable in their category, they also provide discounted  rates for nonprofit organizations, active duty military, as well as individuals that have been displaced due to the  pandemic.  

“I have a great deal of empathy for the individuals who have recently become unemployed due to the pandemic,”  added Molloy. “Our team of professional recruiter/coaches looks forward to helping as many as possible get  prepared to reenter the workforce.”

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