Give your transitioning employees what they really need

We provide customized outplacement services for companies. Our goal is to make downsizing and career transitions more manageable for employers and employees.

Making outplacement make sense

Our coaches assist your former employees in getting their job transitioning tools ready to go. We offer flexible services that can be purchased individually for each employee: resume revamp, LinkedIn branding, cover letters and coaching. No long-term programs. No job portals. Just a human helping another human with all the right guidance.

Our Process


SHOP outplacement


CREATE and customize your outplacement package


CONTACT Leo& Loy to confirm your customized outplacement plan


RECEIVE your confirmation email containing your receipt and your codes for services purchased to distribute to your offboarding employees


OFFBOARDING employees go onto the Leo& Loy website and enter their code in order to begin their outplacement services

Why Outplacement?

Companies are sometimes faced with transitions that require workforce changes and downsizing. It hasn’t always been affordable to offer offboarding employees with outplacement services like resume services, LinkedIn updates or job search guidance. Leo & Loy is priced to provide small to mid-size companies the ability to offer these services to help employees find meaningful work and embark on the next chapter of their careers. Each and every employee has a unique effect on the brand of a business, and providing outplacement services is advantageous for all involved. Implementing key outplacement services in a quick and skillful manner can help soften the blow on an employee. Minimizing the time it takes for employees to find a role after being terminated helps protect their integrity as well as the company’s.

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All transitioning employees will benefit from outplacement services, from entry-level employees all the way up to high-ranking executives. The benefits companies experience from providing outplacement services include higher employee engagement and productivity through the transition. In addition, when employees know their company is committed to helping them land on their feet, their stress level is reduced.

Leo & Loy’s services consist of assessing each offboarding employee’s needs and delivering the specific services required to ensure that he/she has the tools necessary to transition back into the workforce. Our career coaches are invested in our clients’ success and take the time to get to know each individual’s past accomplishments and career goals. This insight drives our development of a highly-researched and strategically-crafted resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter.  Working with a career consulting/coaching firm that is skilled in offering quick and discrete services is the best decision a company can make when managing the impact of a downsizing.

Our Experts:

Have a minimum of 10 years’ recruiting experience.

Are paired with clients based on industry using our SmartMatch technology.

Provide personal and compassionate one-on-one coaching for professionals of all levels.

Work flexible hours to meet each client’s individual needs.

We have a team of experts with experience in nearly every industry. Check out our client reviews from each of these industries.

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