5 Reasons Why the Austin Job Market Is Thriving


Austin, Texas is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities in the entire United States. It has acquired a reputation of being very appealing to a younger demographic who are looking for an up-and-coming cosmopolitan environment.

Today, Austin offers a thriving job market, so you don’t need to worry about mustering up the courage to move, only to find out that you’re out of luck when it comes to actually making money. Keep reading to find out why Austin is the perfect new home for you at any given career level.

Why Austin?

Austin art scene

The real question is “why not?”

Austin is home to an amazing art and music scene, boasting beautiful street art in South Congress, fine arts museums in Hyde Park, and South Lamar’s famous Austin Art Garage.

Austin is also known for its delicious food and an excellent music festival experience. Plus, it is the scene of some incredible hikes. As a nice cherry on top, it has a very affordable tax system and notably cheap gas.

Another significant perk of living in the South is the weather. Places like New York may be great in the spring and summer, but they are absolutely miserable in the winter. However, even in the cold months, the weather in Austin never dips much lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the most common industries in Austin?

Austin texas skyline

Since you’re going to need a source of income once you get there, it’s worthwhile to know which industries are really booming in Austin. Take some time to find out which roles are in high demand, and you will quickly be able to find a suitable company.


We’re probably not going to be using fewer computers in 20 years. Pursuing a career in technology is therefore seen as being among the safest choices possible.

As of 2019, over 7,700 employers in the Austin metro area are in high-tech jobs. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, some experts even had Austin slated to replace Silicon Valley as the tech capital of the country.

In fact, tech jobs in Austin are almost twice as common as in the rest of the US, accounting for 16.4% of all jobs in the state, compared to 8.8% nationally.

Soon, pretty much every career path will involve at least some degree of technology. This means that workers at all career levels – from high school students to graduate degree holders – are best served having at least some basic coding knowledge and computer skills.

If you have some technological proficiency listed on your LinkedIn profile, there is sure to be at least a company or two interested in your credentials. Your employment search in Austin will be significantly easier for it.


Austin unique perk

Breaking into the music industry is never easy, and there is no guarantee of large-scale success, but you’ll probably have more fun developing a career as a musician in Austin than anywhere else.

Austin’s musical community is among the youngest scenes, so all of the Gen Z-ers and younger Millennials out there who are interested in pursuing a musical career will definitely want to give it a chance.

The low rent and cost of living in Austin means that your day job will be more than enough to keep you afloat when you’re just starting out. Pursuing a career in music is difficult, but if you do it in Austin, it’s definitely not as hard as it could be.

Being able to support yourself on minimum wage means that you’ll be less stressed about life. When you can afford to relax, you can be in the right headspace to make the most of your creativity. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to find gateways for your career at events like:

  • Austin City Limits Music Festival in Zilker Park,
  • South by Southwest Conference and Festivals in Downtown Austin,
  • JMBYLA Austin at Circuit of the Americas, or
  • Levitation Music Festival at Carson Creek Ranch.


Tourism is starting to make a bit of a comeback as the Covid-19 vaccine is rolling out. That means that it’ll be much easier to find employment in hospitality services than it has been for the past year.

While life isn’t completely back to normal just yet, hotel bookings are up, and avid travelers are more than ready to revive the business after so much time cooped up inside. The amazing hikes in Austin are a significant selling point at the moment.


Any large city is going to offer a variety of bars, restaurants, and similar service establishments. If your experience is in bartending or waiting, you’ll have no problem finding a vibrant place to work in Austin. It has everything from Irish pubs and barcades to a whole slew of vegan restaurants that even meat-eaters will love.

The low cost of living in Austin means that a waiting or bartending gig will be enough to pay the bills. You’ll be able to be comfortable and enjoy life without getting sucked into a bad work-life balance.

Is it easy to find a great job in Austin?

Austin nature scene

Several massive companies call the state capital home, with the real-estate giant VRBO and the athletic apparel brand Outdoor Voices being two of the most prominent.

Tech is definitely the biggest and fastest-growing industry, so if that’s your field you will certainly be able to find more than one eligible company that you would like to work in.

And as technology is only becoming more and more prevalent across all industries, a position in tech can really translate into a career in whatever service area interests you, from sports to fashion to finance. 

5 reasons Austin has a booming job market

Austin, Texas capitol building

According to 2020 data, Austin was ranked the #1 job market among qualifying metro areas. So why exactly is Austin the place to be for anyone on a job search?

Here are five reasons why moving to Austin, Texas will help you reach your desired career level.

1: More People Coming In

9,000 more people moved to Austin in 2020 than the city’s usual average. This means more individuals or groups starting or expanding businesses, and more businesses hiring employees. Several companies have set up research and development centers in the city, and a number of large corporations bring their business with them to Austin.

The current unemployment rate in Austin is just 5.7%, so you don’t need to worry about running out of luck. As you can see from those numbers, practically everyone can find a position within their desired industries.

Even if you don’t receive your dream interview right away, your livelihood is assured and you can work your way towards your real goals with peace of mind.

2: Rising Median Income

In 2019, the median income in the US was $65,712. In Texas, it was a slightly lower $64,034. In Austin, however, it was an impressive $80,954.

On top of that, the median income in Austin rose by 7% in the three years prior to 2019. Business is booming in the capital of the Lonestar State. This means a better living standard and more opportunities for you to capitalize on your skills and services.

3: Low Rent

Rent is possibly the largest expense anyone faces on a regular basis. Choosing an area where the rent is lower gives you more freedom with the rest of your money.

The average cost of rent in Austin is $1,539, which may not sound so cheap, but compared to the $2,012 average in Chicago and the insane $3,955 average of New York City, residing in Austin is really quite affordable.

4: Great for Freelance Workers

Austin was ranked the best location in the US for freelance workers. This means that you’ll have a smooth transition into your new community and your new profession, whether you’re a freelance writer looking for new clients or offering some other digital-based service.

No matter what your career history, you’ll be able to make a name for yourself. You don’t need to wait around for someone to hire you; get your name out there, take initiative with potential clients and you will have many opportunities to grow your business and develop your brand.

austin texas bridge

5: Drop in Covid Cases

Thanks to the vaccines, Austin is starting to see a drop in Covid-19 infection numbers!

Life is starting to get back to normal, and that means freelance workers will have more clients, customer service jobs are hiring again, and trained professionals can find work in their field.

Just print out your cover letter and get that resume circulating, because things are finally looking up again.

How do I get my resume ready for a job in Austin?

Austin, Texas signage scene

Your resume is your first chance to really make an impression, so you’ll want to make sure it’s as good as possible. Consider hiring a professional resume writer to help you with that.

For the most part, a “keep it simple” approach is best for pros and amateurs alike. Make sure your resume keeps your credentials clear, accurate, and straight to the point.

It’s also a good idea to include relevant job experience that actually occurred in Austin, especially things like volunteer work and community service.

You’ll need more than just a neat and professional resume to stand out, however. A cover letter will go a long way in telling potential employers who you are, and the best resume writing services offer cover letters at reasonable rates.

Good cover letters tell stories and show your genuine interest in working at the specific company in question. Remember, your cover letter and resume act as your first impression.

Is it really worth it to hire a resume writer?

Absolutely. A resume writer really can make all the difference, and a resume writing service might be the investment that makes or breaks your employment search. Sometimes you really do already have all of the skill and experience you need, but pros at resume writing services can clean up your resume and let your talents shine through on paper.

A good professional resume writing service will do a lot more than just polish your resume. As we already said, many resume writing services also offer cover letter writing, and this along with a professional resume is often the key to impressing a prospective company. Reliable resume writers can even be entrusted to enhance with your LinkedIn profile.

That work is time-consuming and worth leaving to the pros. Besides, tunnel vision is real, and a second opinion can be very useful. The experts at Leo & Loy have more than 20 years of experience on average, making them one of the best resume writing services out there.

Let the job search begin!

Austin, Texas bridge with people

Once a professional resume writing service has fine-tuned your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to perfection, it’s time to send out those resumes and CVs and watch those interview calls come flying in.

A good resume writing service will more than pay for itself. The return on your investment comes in the form of stable employment, new clients, or even the ability to completely change your direction and shift to a different career.

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