Your Guide to Finding a Job in Seattle


Why Seattle?

There are several reasons why people, especially professionals, move to Seattle Washington, in order to live happier lives and advance their careers.

Seattle has it all, nature, city life, great food, music, and a great professional scene. Read on to understand some tips on finding a job in Seattle.

We listed a few of the pros of living in Emerald City!

seattle park

Pros to working and living in Seattle

There are really endless reasons why Seattle is a great place to live is. The breathtaking views, exciting sports, great professional industry, tax benefits, and delicious food are just a few reasons. 

Some of our favorites include:


seattle wilderness

Getting to know the natural side of Washington State is an adventure and is the reason most people move to Seattle, WA, especially if you come from cities in the southern United States.

Many people believe that Seattle is cold and desolate, but that’s just part of the story. Seattle’s strikingly beautiful evergreen trees and topography elaborated by majestic mountain sides are what dreams are made of.

There are endless outdoor activities in the hub of the Pacific North West like bike trails and nearby national parks.

City life

Seattle city life

Once you go on your first stroll around Seattle, you’ll feel that there’s something special in the air, a certain hipness that tugs at you and leads you down all kinds of interesting and safe neighborhoods.

The coffeehouse culture that abounds in Seattle is charming, to say the least, and there are niche communities to welcome all people. The city is full of parks, waterfronts, trails, and forests if you want to escape the urban environment for some nature, plus a great food and nightlife scene with many exciting restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Seattleites have access to beautiful views from all over the city. From Mt. Rainier in the east, Mount Baker in the north, or Bainbridge Island across Puget Sound on a clear day; Seattle has something for everyone’s eyes

Tax benefits in Washington

The entire state of Washington is exempt from income tax which means around 10% more of your money stays in your pocket.

In short, Washington is a state that wants to draw as many professionals as possible; as such, it has a wide array of competitive benefits.

The lack of an income tax is definitely one of those benefits.

Working in Seattle

The positions that are most in-demand in Seattle are technology and marketing-specific. One out of every six people in Seattle is employed in these two areas.

For instance, marketing managers are highly valued, and their salaries reflect the need for this position.

Additionally, Seattle has seen a huge increase in the demand for cybersecurity analysts, software developers, and technical writing jobs in the past few years. It is projected that by 2026 data science jobs will see an increase of 48%.

The biggest hiring companies include Boeing, Tableau, the University of Washington, and King County. 

With so many job opportunities, the search can be overwhelming. We took the time to come up with an article to help you find your dream job and a classic city with a booming amount of job opportunities.

Most common industries in Seattle

In short, commercial activity and major industries abound in Seattle. The most notable in the past decade has been the aerospace industry; after all, this is where Boeing is headquartered!

However, other industries have gained more traction in recent years, and these industries include computer software, biotechnology, electronics, environmental engineering, manufacture of transportation equipment, and international trade.

Tech companies based in Seattle

amazon Seattle offices

If you are looking to relocate to Seattle for a tech-based opportunity, you have thought of the right place.

The biggest tech company in Seattle is, of course, Amazon, the giant e-commerce company.

Other major tech players include Tableau Software, Porch, Microsoft, Cray, Zulily, Redfin, F5 Networks, and Expedia Group, among many others.

Highest-paying jobs in Seattle

You may naturally assume that the best paying jobs in Seattle relate to technology, and more specifically, to software programming and informational research.

While these are among the highest paying jobs in Seattle (the mean salary for an information and computer systems analyst is at around $180,000), the highest paid jobs, apart from executive positions (with a mean salary of around $210,000), are actually in the medical field, especially relating to patient care, with psychiatrists at the top of the pack commanding a mean salary of about $280,000.

Where to look for quality job postings

In a job search, your best bet ispr to head to local Seattle-focused sites where you are much more likely to be taken seriously, as opposed to large, crowded national boards.

An advantage of searching for positions through these sites is that you can head directly to your field.

For instance, for those looking for tech jobs, there’s Built-in Seattle, and for marketing professionals, there’s AMA Puget Sound.

In-person vs. Remote work

remote work in Seattle

This preference depends on the individual. However, trends show that remote work is steadily on the rise, with more than 43% of modern professionals already working remotely, at least to some degree.

While some people prefer the structure that an office provides, others revel in being able to take more liberties concerning their workload.

You may appreciate the flexibility and lack of a daily commute that working remotely brings. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure, many companies are adopting remote work to save on much of their overhead costs.

Seattle is home to many great companies that offer remote work. Working remotely in Seattle will give you the opportunity to explore these things, while also being able to spend time at your desk!

With many coworking spaces in the area, you can choose to either work from home or go out and find a more lively atmosphere at one of the nearby coffee shops. Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to a work experience that isn’t your living room!


king county metro

The public transit system, Sound Transit, and King County Metro are undergoing major overhauls to better accommodate Seattle’s ever-growing population while increasing light rail coverage by 50 miles in less than 20 years with 80 stations under 116 miles of track for all its commuters.

This means you likely won’t need a car if the company you work with has an open office.

Crafting a resume

What should be foremost on a job seekers’ mind when strengthening their professional resume is to take the time to consider all the relevant skills and experiences that will help acquire the career-level job that they are applying for.

The resume writing process is just that, a process.

The qualifications and experiences that a potential employer is looking for are unique for each company, so be sure to read the job requirements carefully. Though, for all companies, being a team player is one of their most cherished requirements.

It could be very useful to hire a professional to write your resume for you.

Advantages of creating a new resume for the Seattle job market

The general process for creating a resume is always going to be the same.

First, you should keep your professional resume simple no matter what. Many people are tempted to go over the top; however, this can send the opposite message, rather than what you’re trying to accomplish.

Second, you should list all previous jobs and think about the direction that you would like it to take. Most people find that they can adapt their resumes for whatever the situation requires.

Generally speaking, you should only start from scratch if the job is extremely nuanced. Then you can really break down the relevance of your accomplishments and prior responsibilities.

Pros of having a professional write your resume

professional resume writing


Having a resume that displays your skills and passion that is honed to your desired industry is a massive perk. Hiring a resume writer can help you achieve this.

Besides creating a resume that highlights your skills, there are also many additional benefits to hiring resume writers beyond getting an all-star resume.

Other Benefits

The fact that you can receive coaching, cover letters, and more while getting an industry-grade resume is what helps many job-seeking candidates decide on hiring a resume writing service.

Personalized Cover Letters

A cover letter is often required to weed out those who are “applying to everything” and those who are truly interested in a specific role. A personalized, customized cover letter can be the difference between being noticed or bypassed during the application process.

Having a great resume is one thing, but having your name stick out is completely different. Writing a great cover letter can be intimidating. Hiring resume services in Seattle can be the make or break of acquiring an interview. Achieving the confidence you need to take your career to the next level can help you with winning the job opportunities you are seeking.

Executive Coaching

Collaboration and communication are important in our society.

One-on-one executive coaching meetings within an organization can provide a safe environment that offers a structure for its clients – this way they have someone close who will listen to their needs and help them understand themselves better while also helping them identify current goals or encourage when things get tough along the journey through said goal’s attainment process!

A coach can help you with the right job opportunities, give you tips on your LinkedIn profile, share experience, feedback, and help review expectations where necessary.

Exclusive Job Boards

Resume services sometimes have access to inside information on exclusive job boards outside the areas you thought were available. This maybe included in the cost of resume writers’ services and could open many career ideas.

The bottom line is that you want to come across as unique and a real asset for the company in question because your career achievements have paved the way to this juncture. These tasks are not always easy, sometimes it’s best to hire an expert!

When to hire a resume writing service for a job search

Searching for a job can be stressful, frustrating, and time-sensitive. Having an outdated resume can be the piece of the puzzle that is holding you back. You may have the experience necessary to write a great resume but no time to do it, or maybe the results are just not converting to get the dream interviews.

If your resume doesn’t make it through the ATS and convey beyond a reasonable doubt that your skills qualify you for the job, then you should seek out a resume writing service or a professional resume writer.

If you hire a resume writing service or seek out professional resume writers, then you can present a truly professional resume with the perfect cover letter and just the right amount of #humblebrag when you are applying for a job.

Where to find the best resume services in Seattle

Seattle washington skyline

As you do your research, you’ll find that the best quality resume writing services are readily available online.

While there are several resume writing services to choose from in Seattle, Leo & Loy is highly recommended and you can see the many positive reviews on the website,Leo & Loy.

If you need help in all aspects of career hunting, from job searching to cover letter and resume writing, Leo & Loy, a full-service career placement firm, can help.

Attention to detail, passion, feedback are some of the many needs that explain the experience and results needed for resume services.

If you are looking for a career-level job in Seattle and need help crafting a resume, learn how we can help you by speaking to a team member today!

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