6 Job Search Tips To Help You Find A Role And Company That Won’t Lead To Burn Out


Maybe you’ve experienced burnout in your current role and decided to start looking for a new job. First, congrats on taking the necessary steps to care for yourself and your mental health. There’s no denying that burnout comes with consequences for your mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical wellbeing. Some signs include exhaustion, feelings of negativity or apathy, and even physical manifestations such as headaches or insomnia. So naturally you’d want to find a role that will allow you to avoid those costs.

1. Understand What Causes Burnout

2. Identify Your Own Causes of Burnout—and What Could Mitigate Them

3. Take Time to Process Your Personal Burnout Tendencies

4. Watch for Red Flags in the Job Description

5. Ask Targeted Questions and Pay Attention in Interviews

6. Gather Input From Those Who Know You Best

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