7 Tips For Your Resume Email Subject Line


You’ve poured some sweat into that resume (hopefully no tears). It’s tailored top to bottom, chock full of action verbs, and bursting with powerful bullet points, and you finally feel like it’s polished and ready to go.    Resume for Austin

These days, you’re not as likely to be printing off your resume and sending it via snail mail, of course. Most of the time you’ll be sending it in an email. And the last thing you want is for your message (and resume) to languish in someone’s inbox, unopened, or worse, be relegated to the spam or trash folders. Which means you need to craft a clear and compelling subject line.

If you’re hoping someone will open your email, read your message, and look at the resume you worked so hard on, here are a few guidelines to follow.

1. Don’t Forget to Write a Subject Line!
2. Keep It Professional and Brief
3. Follow Directions (If There Are Any)
4. Include Relevant Details
5. Highlight Your Value
6. Make Them Want to Open and Read More!
7. Don’t Be Aggressive
8. Proofread!



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