Contract gigs can be a pretty sweet deal.

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If you fall into this camp, don’t worry. By the very nature of the job, you’re expected to jump right in and start solving problems. Then, in three to six months or so, you can move onto your next exciting challenge, no strings attached. For some, this is truly an ideal setup. But many others may find themselves longing for the perks of a full-time position: the job security, the steady routine and definitely the health insurance.

Follow the advice below, and you’ll go from part-time to full-time in no time.

1. Be Up Front (Within Reason)Before anything else, you should make it clear that you’re interested in a full-time position during the interview.

2. Become IndispensableIt goes without saying that a company won’t want to hire you full time if you underperform, but even meeting the expectations of your role isn’t always enough. To truly stand out, Hichens recommends that contract workers outshine the full-time employees on their team.

3. Make Sure to MingleSometimes, contract workers make the mistake of isolating themselves from colleagues since they don’t see themselves as a “real” team member. But this is a missed opportunity, Hichens says. If you don’t see yourself as part of the team, what are the odds that your team will?

4. Do Your HomeworkEven if you follow the steps above, you can’t expect a job offer to simply fall into your lap — you have to take action.Leo & Loy ➖ Experienced recruiters and career coaches providing consulting services for individuals transitioning careers.

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