On your resume, your most important skills should be listed in at least two places


Analytical skills are the knowledge and abilities that help you to evaluate information and solve problems. Any “skills that relate to logical and critical thinking, research, analysis, [and] problem solving or resolution” are analytical. On your resume, your most important skills should be listed in at least two places: a skills section and the bullet points under your past experiences. If you have a lot of skills to list, particularly for an analysis-heavy role, you might consider creating a subsection specifically for your analytical skills (or even further subdividing to highlight specific types of analytical skills). For example, a social media manager’s skill section might look like this:

Social Media Management: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter

Communication Skills: Blog Writing, Social Media Copywriting

Analytical Skills: A/B Testing, Data Visualization (Tableau, Microsoft Excel), Google Analytics, Google Ad Words, Market Analysis, Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s OK to be a little broader in your skills section, but in your experience section, you want to add more details. Whenever possible, you want to add numbers to quantify your experiences and show just how much you accomplished. And try to use the same language as the job description.

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