“What can you bring to the company?”


“What can you bring to the company?”

The goal is simple: convince your interviewer that they want you to work there.

How to Prepare Your Answer? The first thing you have to figure out before you can answer is what the company (or team) wants and needs.

Do Your Research:
Take the time to do some research ahead of your interview to gain a deeper understanding of the job responsibilities and company culture.

Listen Carefully:
If this isn’t your first-round interview with this company, you should also reflect on what was said in earlier interviews.

Connect the Dots:
Once your research is completed, reflect on how your own skills, traits, and experiences line up with what the company needs and wants

How to Structure Your Answer:
For any interview questions where you’re telling a story, it’s often helpful to use the STAR method to structure your answer. STAR stands for Situation (set the scene), Task (explain your role in the situation), Action (talk about the actions you took), and Results (share what the outcome was, using numbers when possible).

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