What do you mean when you say “brag better”?

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What do you mean when you say “brag better”?⠀
It means that we need a vocabulary and a systematic approach to tout our own accomplishments, because nobody knows what you’ve done and what you want until you tell them and ask them.⠀

Whether you’re trying to land your dream internship, struggling to feel valued in your job, hoping for a raise or promotion, searching for a new job, or trying to put yourself out there for more freelance gigs, you have to get comfortable feeling proud of your accomplishments and sharing them with others.⠀

What does bragging better look like in a remote interview situation?⠀
You’re just going to have to go even harder on yourself in terms of what you’ve done and why you’re the candidate for the job. It’s going to be harder to hit it off with the recruiter, because you’re on a screen. You want to tell people who you are or what you’re about and have them be able to deduce that in 30 seconds. You have to hand people on a silver platter who you are and why your story matters.

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