6 Job Search Tips For New Grads and Any One Else Starting Their Careers

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Graduating from college or otherwise applying for your first professional job is stressful in any circumstance. But it feels especially daunting when the economy, the job market, and the world in general seem to be turned upside down.⠀

As the number of people filing for unemployment reaches into the millions, college seniors and other first-time job seekers might be wondering how to break into this uncertain job market.⠀

Here are six ways to build relationships, find work, and move forward in your career.⠀

1. Check in On Your Job Offer⠀
2. Be Flexible⠀
3. Let Your Skill Set (and Demand) Be Your Guide⠀
4. Continue to Network⠀
5. Stand Out from the Crowd⠀
6. Continue to Update Your Skills⠀

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