You Didn’t Finish Your Degree (and Don’t Have a Current Plan To)


You Didn’t Finish Your Degree (and Don’t Have a Current Plan To)
Just don’t sell yourself short by omitting the details of your schooling from your resume. Certainly, you can’t list part of a degree as a completed degree. Instead, mention the coursework in your education section.

You Didn’t Go to College (But Took Professional Courses)
Here’s another common scenario: You didn’t do college, but you’ve taken professional courses—whether it’s a leadership program or a coding bootcamp—that have provided you with relevant and beneficial skills. Mention them!

You Didn’t Go to College (But Have Valuable Licenses or Certifications)
If you’ve got licenses or certifications that will give you even a slight advantage, make sure you make them easy to find on your resume. The more directly relevant the certification is to the job you’re applying to, the higher up on the list it should be.

You Didn’t Go to College (But Have Directly Relevant Experience)
Sometimes, organizations have unbending policies related to education. However, plenty of companies know and appreciate talent when they see it and will make an exception if you show them that you’re even better than the standard degreed candidate.



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