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If you are looking for a resume writing service in Seattle, you have landed in the right place.

With the competitive job market in Seattle, many people worry about what to do with their credentials. While looking for a new job, one of the most important things you can do is find a professional resume writing service that will make your experience and education stand out from the rest.

When applying for a position in Seattle, writing and optimizing your resume often becomes challenging when approaching the best way to present information on paper that makes it seem like there is no other applicant who would be more qualified or a better fit for the job than you.

Why Leo & Loy?

Seattle, WA has a competitive market for resume writers. So what separates Leo & Loy from the rest?

It’s not easy for job seekers to choose a professional resume writing service to help them craft documents that will help them find the right employment.

With our 3 core values and decades of combined experience, Leo & Loy is the career coaching firm to turn to for all of your job-seeking needs. We work with you from start to finish on a personalized plan that will help you get in front of employers looking specifically for what it is that sets YOU apart from other candidates!

Leo & Loy, a career coaching firm that uses your input and combines it with our knowledge of the industry to write polished resumes and Linkedin profiles tailored specifically for you.

Creating an interview-winning resume is easy with Leo & Loy. 

Whether you’re looking for a new job as an executive, need to update your LinkedIn profile, or just want to find your first entry-level position at a company that does graphic design work, we can help you boost the odds of getting hired by giving your credentials the attention they deserves while turning in projects ahead of industry standards so they’ll be ready when those interviews start rolling around.

Your dream job awaits.

Affordable Pricing

The ever-present stress of finding new work is a real challenge. But, with options for all budgets and prices to suit your needs, you can get the resume writing help that’s perfect for you while still feeling confident in what you’re spending.

If economizing on costs isn’t enough to convince someone they need Leo & Loy then our array of services should do it just fine! We have career coaching at an affordable rate, cover letter assistance, as well as other quality consulting services tailored towards helping people find their next job.

Proven Success

Leo & Loy understands the stress that comes with a career transition. That’s why we’re committed to providing personal, thoughtful coaching and an excellent client experience during this time in your life. Check out our testimonials for some examples of how other people just like you have been able to make their transitions smoother thanks to Leo & Loy!

Leo & Loy believes in an excellent client experience which means they understand that career transitions can be stressful so they are committed to providing personalized, insightful guidance while helping clients through the process.

Get your resume optimized

Getting started is easy. Creating an interview-winning resume is now possible.

Whether you are looking for an entry-level position at a new graphic design company, or are looking for a new position as an executive, Leo & Loy can help. With an impressive turnaround time, your credentials and documents will be ahead of industry standards. Give your interview process a new direction and create a final product that will convert applications into interviews.

Leo & Loy also offers career coaching, creating all-star linked profiles, outplacement services, and even gift cards.

Fast Results

With just a week’s turnaround time, your job search is almost ready to begin.

For a full list of Leo & Loy’s resume writing services and career level services, click HERE.

People are raving about Resume Writing Services Seattle!

I definitely recommend Leo & Loy if you’re in need of a resume, cover letter, or career coach. Katie was extremely kind and helpful from the start and reached out to me initially — and I’m so glad that she did. I had a wonderful experience working with her and my career coach, Elizabeth, throughout the process. My resume and cover letter were both written beautifully, and I feel more confident than ever in applying for jobs now. 

Nichole Lechner – Creative Specialist at GoDaddy

Grow Your Career in an Exciting Place!

seattle is hiring

Seattle is a melting pot for all sorts of people.

The city has everything to offer and more, from nature-filled landscapes within the near vicinity to thriving nightlife options not too far away. Seattleites are always busy: they work hard during the day and party harder at night; but if you’re considering moving there, it’s important that you understand what can happen when things go south in this Emerald City.

Endless Benefits & Activities

seattle skyline

No Income Tax State

The income tax-free life that one can lead in Seattle is enough to attract anyone.

The benefits of living and working as a professional are not lost on people, with the zero income tax being just one example among many more.

Professional Opportunities

From Amazon to Expedia, Seattle has some of the most diverse employment opportunities in America.

Seattle is one of many cities across this great nation with a flourishing economy and an abundance of companies paving new ground every day. 

Beautiful Nature


Seattle residents will find that the natural beauty of their city is second to none. 

You can explore all sorts of activities such as hiking, hot springs, and great parks with your friends or family members right in the middle of this awesome metropolis!

Exciting Social Community

Seattle is a city with an exciting nightlife scene that offers everything from live music to food and arts.

Seattle has always had its own distinct culture which includes the eclectic mix of art and music venues as well as lively entertainment options for patrons. The booming hub in particular hosts more than 40 bars catering to different tastes while offering visitors an epic night out on the town!

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